Must-haves for Parents with Disabilities

Parenting is a fun and unique journey full of new experiences and obstacles. As a parent with a disability, it might seem like the obstacles are stacked against you. Regardless of your disability, there are many adaptive tools and assistive technologies to cater to your needs and abilities. Check out some of the following resources and ideas to get you started.

Mobility Resources

·      Wheelchair adaptive stroller

·      Adaptive crib

·      Swivel base car seat

·      Hands-free baby carrier

·      Adaptive strategies from disabled parents

Hearing Resources

·      Emergency equipment (doorbell, telephone, smoke detector, weather radio)

·      Baby babble band

·      Baby cry notifications

·      Teletypewriter (TTY)

·      Understand the language

Sight Resources

·      Diaper-change tips

·      Wiggle-free changing pad

·      Reversible stroller (pairs well with cane or dog guide)

·      Shoe bells

·      Adaptive strategies from deaf parents

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